Prayer Requests

Please pray for these people in our parish and community

The Home Visitation Ministry List

Mike Velmer

Jeanne Lahti

Brenda Maki

Judy Robillard

Maurice Quinn

Leonard Matusik

Gloria Duschene

Bob Dondy

Kim Fortier

Kyle Bianco

Ken Hammerberg

William Colombe

Justin Koupus

Kimberly Rose

Jean Rahilly

Norma Campeau

Kay Gribble

Julia Anderson

Al Sirard

Bonnie Froberg

Margaret Ellenich

Linda Hutala

Bill Giddings

Denise Giddings

Blanche Lantz

Barb Lusty

Dolly Ericson

Lorraine Miller

Elisha Kitchen

Ken Summers

Nick Cardenas

Denise Hiltunen

Jeanie Schultz

Christine Higdem

Bayside Village Staff and Residents

Please pray for the deceased priests and deacons whose anniversary of their death is in the following weeks:

Week of September 5: Fr. McLaughlin, Fr. Schiska, Fr. Lawless, Fr. Ronkowski, Fr. Arneth, Fr. Nyman

Week of September 12: Fr. Oehlerer, Fr. Konopka, Fr. Gondek, Fr. Maguire, Fr. Monroe, Fr. Smith

Week of September 19: Fr. Miller, Fr. LaMothe, Msgr. Casanova, Fr. Polakowski, Fr. Fadale, Fr. McNaughton

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