Liturgy Schedules

Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Updated:  January 16, 2024


Please dress appropriately.

When you arrive at Mass, please put a checkmark by your name on the assignment slip. This will hopefully keep confusion of who is going to serve from disrupting the Mass.

Come to the bottom of the Altar immediately after the Priest has consumed the Precious Blood.

When all Ministers are present, bow and proceed to the appropriate place. If there is a need to cross the altar to go to the other side, please stop in the middle and bow as a sign of reverence.

Using hand sanitizer is encouraged before going to your assigned spot. There are sanitizers on both sides of the altar, in the Sacristy or on the credence table.

Blood 1 minister and Host 1 minister will stand to the priest's right, with the Blood 1 minister closest to the congregation. 

Blood 2 minister and choir minister will stand to the priest's left, with the Blood 2 minister closest to the congregation.

Body minister will stand to the priest's right. Choir minister will stand to the priest's left.

Fr. Jins will offer the Body to each minister and the altar servers. Then he will bring the Precious Blood to each side. The Blood minister will offer it to the others on their side of the altar. While this is occurring, Fr, Jins will bring the ciborium and pyx to the Body ministers.

Let Fr. Jins leave the altar first.

Sacred Heart Host 1 minister needs to check the chapel to see if anyone is there to receive before proceeding to the front of the church.

When distributing communion, say only “Body of Christ” or “Blood of Christ.”  Do not use hand gestures or add people’s names.

Lay Ministers cannot give a blessing within a liturgical content. Lay ministers will say "receive Jesus in your heart" (no hand gesture or touching, please) as a blessing for all those who do not receive communion and/or may be expecting a blessing. Father will inform the congregation from time to time to proceed in the priest communion line if a blessing is desired.

If a deacon is present, he will take the place of one Precious Blood minister. If we do not offer the Precious Blood, he will take the place of the main Body minister. If an additional priest is present, he will take the place of the main Body minister.

Choir host ministers will proceed down the side aisle to go to the choir loft, then come back down the center aisle after the last congregant. The people at the back of the church (elderly and disabled) should be told to wait until the choir is served.

Precious Blood ministers should wipe the lip of the cup with the purificator after each person receives and rotate the cup for the next person. Be careful to keep control of the cup as you give it and take it back.

If we are offering the Precious Blood, the Blood ministers can consume the Precious Blood remaining in the cup. If this is a problem, let Fr. Jins know and he will consume it. Place the cup on the corporal and place the purificator on top, whether it is empty or not.

If the Precious Blood minister is finished before the others, they should wait next to the altar until the others have returned.

The vessels containing the host, the Body and pyx, are placed on the corporal.

The Body ministers will go to the side altar on their side and wash the fingers on the hand that touched the host.

When all ministers have returned to the altar, all should go to the bottom of the steps, turn to face the altar and bow. Then return to their seat.

It is the responsibility of the Precious Blood ministers to remove all vessels from the credence table, wash the vessels and return them to the cabinet, which is then locked, and the key secured. Please do not use soap to wash Father's chalice but do use a small amount of soap and gently wash the Communion cups which have been offered to the congregation.

It is important to call a sub if you are unable to serve when scheduled.

Guidelines for Ministers of Hospitality

“Love your fellow Christians always.  Do not neglect to show hospitality, for by that means some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 13:1-2

The gift of hospitality is at the heart of the Christian faith.  It is the supernatural gift to provide an open home and warm welcome, like the patriarch Abraham did for his three angelic guests. Hospitality provides the context for developing Christian community.  Hospitality was one of the criteria for leadership in the church (1 Tm 3:2). 

Thank you for embracing the value of hospitality by becoming part of the hospitality team. “I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Mt 25:35).”

Please contact the parish office if you have any questions or scheduling changes for this ministry.